About Pro Bell

About Pro Bell Dumbbells

About Pro BellPro-Bell are based in the UK and are Manufactures and stockist of Dumbbells, Training free weights and accessories.  We have been manufacturing Steel welded dumbbells in our UK workshops since 2004 and have developed further rubber DB products and advanced assembly/manufacturing solutions. Our original dumbbells design is based on the traditional steel plate dumbbell with a welded assembly. We have developed several variants of this style of dumbbell over the years and now offer further options/upgrades based on personal preference, desired use/durability and cost.  More recently the Rubber/Urethane style dumbbell has become a far more popular style for the modern gym and a large quantity is held in stock for short lead time delivery of this essential piece of fitness equipment.  We also include a ‘Set Builder’ option for our most popular dumbbell styles to allow gyms to quickly choose the exact set that meets their needs.

With all Dumbbell designs and style we give a quick grading for key characteristics on our site, these being:

  • Handle Strength
  • Handle Knurl Grip/Friction
  • DB Head Finish Durability
  • DB Head Core Material Strength
  • DB Head Attachment Strength
  • DB Head ,(kindness to environment/surroundings)


More recently we stock other non ‘Pro-Bell’ product and have some clearance lines for old stock/designs. Further to this we can also supply Fixed Barbells, Olympic Bars, Standard Bars, Olympic Plates, Standard Plates, Dumbbell Kits (for welding), some benches and weight storage racks.

N.B. Through our website we offer discount product solely to trade/business customers but we can put individuals in touch with retailers for home/private sales.